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Homestay Ireland Study Art

Experience the real Ireland, enjoy the craic and learn a little with our Art program

All our homestay programs offer accomodation with Irish Host Families and include optional art classes with local Artists based in Leitrim. Leitrim in the North West of Ireland is a magnet for artists attracted to the county by its landscape of soft rolling hills to the south of the county, its abundance of lakes through out and its gentle mountains to the north. With friendly welcomes from local people and an array of activities for everybody, its no surprise that it is the fastest growing art community in Ireland

We offer all our homestay guests the option of one to one classes wiith local artists based in Leitrim or through structured group classes in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton.

We organise one to one oil painting courses with George Abramian, a Soviet era oil painting master as well as courses in silversmithing, practising the art of jewellery making, designing, casting and assembling your very own sterling Silver pendant in Georges Jewellery workshop.

Our Felt making workshops are on a one to one basis with Hungarian Artist Briggita Varadi in Drumshanbo and offer students the opportunity to design and create a unique piece of art in Felt.

Our Ceramic classes are with world renowned Hungarian master ceramicist Peter Fulop. Create a small ceramic piece or paint a piece previously made by Peter. All students get to take home their creations.

Details of structured courses available from the Leitrim sculpture Centre are below:


Leitrim Sculpture Centre Workshop Program 2017

Sat 25 & Sun 26 March 2017
Photopolymer and Photo-etching Print Techniques (Foundation)
Tutor: Johnny Bugler. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6. Cost: €180
Photopolymer printmaking utilises a light activated printmaking plate that is etched without the need for acid and produces results similar to the 19th century photographic process of photogravure. You will use ready-made Japanese 'Solarplates' that are exposed to an image and the image is 'etched' into the plastic layer and developed in a mild soda solution. In addition photopolymer film from the roll can be used as a photographic etch resist allowing a photographic image to be etched into a plate (steel, zinc or copper) using various acids. Plates are inked up by hand and printed on the press in the traditional manner. The course offers basic foundation skills in both approaches and will be of particular interest to those working with photographic images as well as hand-drawn artwork.

Sat 1 & Sun 2 April 2017
Digital Portfolio Development & Presentation Workshop
Tutor: Christine Mackey. Duration:  2 Days. Participants: 5 Cost: €110
The need to provide dynamic and professional presentations of ones creative work has never been greater. This two day intensive course will develop portfolio presentations skills that utilise image ready stills with text and design layout. It will concentrate on the creative and alternative layout of digital material through in-design and Photoshop applications and how to make the work ready for portfolio presentation (both for projection and screen-based viewing) PDF print-ready, Wordpress or other social platform using PDF links. Participants will obtain invaluable IT skills and be able to command effective use of colour, typography/text, imagery and design layout to create effective portfolio layouts and presentations using industry standard software. The course will provide artists and all makers with the ability and confidence to determine appropriate and successful designs for their individual work and to have these ready for presentation in a variety of professional contexts (i.e. via portfolios, professional public presentations, applications, talks, flyers, brochures or catalogues). Participants need to have basic it skills and come with the following materials: artists statements, various descriptions of work, short biography or cv and up to 10 good quality digital images of work with descriptions.

Sat 1 & Sun 2 April 2017
Traditional Printmaking Relief/Block Printing Workshop
Tutor: Deirdre Nolan. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6 Cost: €150
This course will demonstrate the techniques of relief printmaking using the lino block, and MDF. Over a two-day workshop transferring the image to the block, use of tools, blind embossing, chine colle, inking up and printing on the press and by hand will be shown. Individual tuition will follow as students go on to produce their own prints in one and two colour. The ability to create a print using hand tools makes this a very flexible technique to pursue without continued access to a print studio.

Sat 22 & Sun 23 April 2017
Welding Workshop
Tutor: Michael O’Hara. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6 Cost: €190
The module was designed to introduce the student to Metal Crafts, which they can apply to their own requirements. Introduction to cutting and grinding techniques and uses of hacksaw; files; drills; hammers; grinders; chop-saw; sanders. Demonstrated competence in MMA/Arc welding including different weld joints – butt weld, lap weld and T-fillet. Students also attempt similar joints through the TIG welding process. They are shown how to measure and cut steel accurately. Focused upon working through projects set and realizing ideas from concept, design and articulation. Students come with: sturdy boots. Beginners to intermediate.

Sat 22 & Sun 23 April 2017
Workshop In Vernacular Carpentry
Tutor: Niall Walsh. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6. Cost: €130
Participants will use locally sourced hazel and willow to construct simple stools and benches. Walsh will lead the group through the process of locating the raw materials and using hand tools to make furniture in the style of the ‘cottage’ tradition. This is a workshop in sustainability and will outline how the skill taught can be used to make a range of furniture and forms from the locality. Students come with: sturdy boots for walking in the wood.

Sat 29 & Sun 30 April 2017
Stone Carving Workshop
Tutor: Jackie McKenna. Duration: 3 Days. Participants: 7. Cost: €180
Students will be introduced to the principles of stone carving and design, the identification and uses of different stone and the use of hand tools. Each student will design and carve a simple form that they can take home with them. Students should come with sturdy boots. For beginners to intermediate.

Sat 29 & Sun 30 April 2017
Sand Casting In Aluminium Workshop
Tutor: Kate Oram. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6. Cost: €130
Discover the ancient technique of sandcasting, see examples of what you can make, learn how to make a master pattern and then cast it in aluminium and then how to finish it. Advice on suitable patterns (flat-backed or two-part, with no undercuts) will be emailed to you.  Everyday and found objects (bones, shells, nuts, household items) can lend themselves nicely to moulding, as well as your original sculpted patterns. You will be working with aluminium all weekend but working with other metals such as bronze will be discussed. This course will teach you the techniques required for bronze sandcasting. You would be able to return to hire the Sculpture Centre facilities to cast bronzes. Patterns can be made in a 3D printer next door at the FabLab, to be used in this course – contact them directly - Students come with sturdy boots, a simple pattern (no undercuts). Beginners to intermediate.

Sat 6 & Sun 7 May 2017
Stone Lettercutting Workshop
Tutor: Seamus Dunbar. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 8. Cost: €120
Cutting inscriptions in stone is an important part of the stone-carvers craft that has been elevated to an art form in its own right. This module teaches calligraphic and typographic design in combination with precise sculptural skills. Participants will learn to identify and understand the tools required for stone cut lettering, gain an appreciation of basic letter proportions and layout and a will cut a name or short inscription (12 characters) in stone. Students come with:sketchpad and basic drawing/writing materials. They should think about a monogram, name or (very) short inscription. Bring sturdy boots. Beginners to intermediate.

Sat 6 & Sun 7 May 2017
Make Your Own Casting Facility Workshop
Tutor: Nick Hughes Duration: 2 Days.
Participants will learn how to make their own casting facility and areas covered include furnace building, matal sourcing and equipment making. No frills budget casting for the home caster with a big emphasis on safety and good practice.

Sat 13 & Sun 14 May 2017
Wood Construction Workshop
Tutor: David Spence. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 8. Cost: €190
The aim of this workshop is to make either a workbench/banker or a treadle lathe from working drawings. This includes complex jointing,de-constructive jointing with mixed materials, understanding the requirements for exterior wood products and the safe use of hazardous chemicals. Students should come with sturdy boots.

Sat 13 & Sun 14 May 2017
Woodturning Workshop
Trainer: Dave Spence. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6. Cost: €150
This workshop covers spindle turning through demonstration and practical work and participants will be given a good grounding in the primary woodturning techniques.

Sat 3 & Sun 4 June 2017
Reproduction Moulding For Artists & Architects  Workshop
Tutor: Keith Alan Seybert. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 8. Cost: €250
For reproducing objects -first in rubber moulds which may then be used for cold-casting using for example concrete, plaster, resin etc. or for generating a wax ready for refractory investment at later date. This workshop will cover a variety of reproduction mould making techniques, from traditional multi-part plaster moulds, Dental Alginate, Cheap plumber's silicone sealant moulds, up to and including fibre glass backed silicone rubber production moulds. These primary reproduction moulds will then be used to make multiple positives including some waxes. The resultant waxes can be used to facilitate an investigation of refractory mould making materials and techniques that have been proved most effective in casting both metal and glass via the “lost wax” process. Students come with an object from which to make a mould. For beginners and Intermediate levels.

Mon 5 to Wed 7 June 2017
Refractory Mouldmaking For Kiln Cast Glass & Bronze Casting Workshop
Tutor: Keith Alan Seybert. Duration: 3 Days. Participants: 8. Cost: €250
This in depth workshop covers the theory and techniques used in hot casting either bronze or glass. Tips for wax working, (pour cups, spewing, gating, and venting) investment type refractory mould construction approaches (face-coats {brush on & splash}, Roman or Italian hand built, cores and poured monolithic) will be discussed with an aim towards enabling participants to "customize" their approach to fit their vision. A range of Primary model materials will be demonstrated, principally wax, working through to the final refractory mould. A one-day pour is then organized for a later date for casting in hot metal or glass. Participants need to come with a wax positive or rubber mould. This can be made in the “Reproduction Moulding for Artists & Architects workshop”. Previous experience of clay, wax, or plasterwork is helpful. Sketchbook and notebook is useful. For Intermediate level.

Sat 10 & Sun 11 June 2017
Traditional Print Screen-printing Workshop
Tutor: Deirdre Nolan. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 8. Cost: €140
The weekend introduction to screen-printing for beginners is perfect for those wishing to get a feel for the basic methods in screen-printing. The class will cover photo stencilling; how to produce screen-prints from any black-and-white photographic or hand drawn imagery - created by using various opaque materials which produce different effects on a transparent overlay such as acetate, tracing paper, or oiled paper which is then exposed over the emulsion-coated screen with a light source containing ultraviolet light. Colour layering and registration will also be covered. Beginners. Students come with: black and white photographic or hand drawn imagery for screen-printing.

Sat 17 & Sun 18 June 2017
Jewellery Making And Small Scale Metal Fabrication Workshop
Tutor: Fiona Mulholland & Soraya Ricalde. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 5. Cost: €150
This jewellery and small-scale metal/mixed media fabrication course will be an opportunity to work in precious and non-precious materials. The course will explore a wide variety of jewellery making techniques in metal and including other materials such as acrylic and re-cycled will be facilitated. This course is designed for students who are interested in learning basic jewellery techniques and for those with some prior knowledge who want to improve existing skills.
The course covers essential techniques such as metal preparation/manipulation, soldering, forming, piercing, small hollow form construction including some basic surface textures such as metal hammering, mill-roll printing, and enamelling. Students will work through the design and execution of a piece/s of j7 and/or small-scale metal works with technical guidance. Materials such as copper sheet & wire, silver sheet & wire will be supplied. Students should come with sketchbooks and source material for design ideas.

Sat 24 & Sun 25 June 2017
Modelling The Head In Clay - From Life Workshop
Tutor: Jackie McKenna. Duration: 2 Days. Participant: 6 Cost: €170
This module is open to beginners and those with some experience in clay modelling.
Students will learn to make an armature and model a head in clay from life.

Saturday 24 June 2017
Bronze Pour for participants of Mouldmaking Workshops
Tutor: Keith Alan Seybert. Duration: 1 Day. Participants: 8. Cost: €230
Students from refractory mouldmaking and those with existing moulds ready to be poured are brought together for different Bronze Pour days. Techniques in preparing moulds and pouring hot bronze are demonstrated and the safe operation of the bronze furnace and cooling and opening casts is covered. Moulds need to be at LSC at least two days before to be burnt our ready for the pour. Students come with: sturdy boots. There is no bronze cost included in the price of the workshop. Students will weigh their bronze when they leave and pay €7/lb.

Sunday 25 June 2017
Patination and Finishing of Metal Workshop
Tutor: Keith Seybert. Duration: 1 Day. Cost: €130
Participants will learn safe effective cold-working procedure: cutting, grinding, carving, polishing, hand lapping, and sand blasting. Many helpful "tricks" and time saving "short cuts" will be demonstrated as applicable to this arduous, yet gratifying, process. Significant texts on patination of copper based metals will be made available for reference and discussion. Some basic patinas will be demonstrated. Please come with wellies and rain gear. If you have one, bring a bronze object for patinating.

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